GINGER VINE MANAGEMENT & PR is Heta Hyttinen´s music business shop, offering tailored services for artists and B2B partners – from lounge and metal to movie score music. GVM is based in Helsinki, Finland. Over 20 years of experience in media and music, especially in rock and metal, speaks for itself.

Some of  Ginger Vine´s current clients are Shiraz Lane, Maija Vilkkumaa, Eleven Seven Music (Papa Roach, Sixx A.M., Five Finger Death Punch etc.), Despotz Records (Sonic Syndicate, Martin Rubashov etc.), The Sounds, Warner Music Finland Live, Tuska Festival, Qstock Festival, Border Music, Santana, Ebbot, Bob Hund, Naildown, Planet Case, Slowhill, Wedding Crashers, Johnny Lee Michaels, Voice Of Finland finalist Ilari Hämäläinen...

GVM´s PR mailing list covers over 1500 media and music business professionals in Finland.


28.07.17    Shiraz Lane - Sauna Classic Festival, Tampere, Finland

18.08.17    Shiraz Lane - Summer Breeze Festival, Dinkelsbühl, Germany

26.08.17    Shiraz Lane - Hair Metal Heaven, Hull, UK

02.09.17    Shiraz Lane - WaterXFest, Jyväskylä, Finland

09.09.17    Maija Vilkkumaa, Alasintie 10 goes Rock Up, Oulu, Finland

03.11.17    Maija Vilkkumaa, Sellosali, Espoo, Finland

10.03.18    Shiraz Lane - Sleazefest, Giessen, Germany